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Partnering with the CRC

Why Support​

As the Main Street Program continues to work towards revitalization and preservation of our dowtown, it is clear this process requires the assistance of dozens of people from all aspects of the community. You play a significant role in the success of the Main Street Program and its mission. Your willingness to partner with the CRC will help transform our downtown into a place where families gather, shoppers stroll along the streets, neighbors enjoy multiple parks, festivals and entertainment abound, and great food entices people from near and far.As a 501(c)3 local charitable organization, the CRC is working with partners across the community to develop both public and private financial support, which is then leveraged to maximize the return on these investments. Because the CRC is able to effectively leverage financial support and investments, we are able to accomplish important goals set by the community. Your contribution to the CRC Main Street Program is tax-deductible and will ensure future economic benefits; benefits that your family, neighbors and other community members will continue to enjoy well into the future.

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