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Economic Vitality Committee

Lisa Kovalick (Chairwoman), Clfd Co. Planning & Development Office
Valerie Dixon, Lock Haven Clearfield
Kellie Swales, CNB Bank
Mandi Billotte, Clearfield Resident
Arianne Greslick, Clearfield Resident
Katie Penoyer, CNB Bank


  • Completion of business, property, e-commerce, employment, vacancy, and parking inventories that provide information to current and prospective businesses

  • Creation of a Downtown Business Recruitment Package that outlines the incentives and necessary steps to opening a business in Downtown Clearfield

  • Facilitation of the “Meet Up on Main Street” Program which offers discounts to Lock Haven-Clearfield students at participating businesses

  • Facilitation of a downtown zip code survey to provide businesses valuable data related to their consumer base

  • Hosting of business workshops on hospitality, customer service, and social media

  • Creation and distribution of the “Best Business Practice Guide”

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